WINE 1.8.5 stable released with various bug fixes

The Wine(Originally recursive acronym for Wine Is Not Emulator) team has announced availability of Wine 1.8.5, latest maintenance release in Wine 1.8.x stable release. This release fixes many bugs reported in 1.8.5 series and enhance offers more stability.

Wine is a compatibility layer for running windows binary executable files on POSIX compatible systems like GNU/Linux, Unix and BSD operating systems. Instead of providing an emulator, it maps windows system calls to POSIX system calls and hence provides actual windows experience.

  • Windows Movie Maker 2.x needs ole32.dll.StgOpenPropStg
  • Microsoft Publisher 2007 and 2010 crash when opening documents/templates (TSF manager 'ITextStoreACPSink' must support QI with 'IID_ITextStoreACPServices')
  • Use-after-free in DdeClientTransaction in user32 dde tests
  • Windows utility 'relog.exe' crashes on unimplemented function 'pdh.dll.PdhGetLogFileTypeW'
  • PDF Factory 3.x/4.x installer fails to install printer drivers (winspool.SetPrinterW lacks support for level 8, global default printer settings)
  • CAPCOM games using gamepad start with axes X/Y pressed up/left
  • EasyPal version August 6 2012 crashes on unimplemented function msvcp60.dll.??Dstd@@YA?AV?$complex@N@0@ABNABV10@@Z
  • dbghelp doesn't support DW_FORM_flag_present
  • SmartMusic 2012/2014 crashes on startup (Core Audio adapter 'PKEY_DeviceInterface_FriendlyName' property not supported)
  • Photos opened in Nikon Capture NX 2.4 have inverted red and blue channel for displaying.
  • Word / Excel 2010: crash when clicked (2nd or 3rd times) on a link
  • An integer overflow @line 268 of dsa.c ?
  • PlotSoft PDFill 10 fails on startup, reports 'No Fonts found under: C:\\windows\\Fonts' (at least one font name in registry must contain 'truetype' token)
  • dinput doesn't report DIDOI_ASPECT* for joystick axes
  • __unDName doesn't support function pointer with type "P8"
  • __unDName doesn't support data type "$$B"
  • Multiple games and applications crash on unimplemented function msvcr100.dll _crt_debugger_hook (ArchiCAD 16, Far Cry 4)
For more bug fix information, see detailed release notes published in projects website.

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