Ubuntu MATE 16.10 released with MATE Desktop 1.16.0

The Ubuntu MATE team has announced release of Ubuntu MATE 16.10, latest stable release of official Ubuntu community flavor featuring MATE desktop. This release includes several updated packages and improvements.

Major highlight in this release is availability of MATE desktop 1.16 which completely compiled using GTK 3.x libraries. Ubuntu MATE is the first distribution to offer completely GTK 3.x ported mate desktop. Most of the packages in Ubuntu MATE is compiled using Gtk 3.20 and the theming issues happened during migration process was rectified to provide undisturbed experience to users.

Other changes since release of Ubuntu MATE 16.10 beta 2 can be summarized as:
  • Upgraded to MATE Desktop 1.16.0
    • The entire MATE Desktop suite has been upgraded to MATE Desktop 1.16.0
    • Many, many, bug fixes.
    • Translation updates.
  • Upgraded Ubuntu MATE Artwork 16.10.9
    • Fix Firefox download progress bars. (LP: #1630224)
    • Fix Unlock button for Time and Date Settings. (LP: #1630910)
    • Fix Back/Forward navigation buttons in Yelp. (LP: #1624574)
    • Fix Firefox Search/Location entry box borders. (LP: #1624738)
    • Fix Firefox menu items.
    • Fix Advanced Menu themes to use flat elements. (LP: #1630366, #1624755)
    • Fix OSD colors. (LP: #1630538)
    • Fix LibreOffice toolbars and theme. (LP: #1624571, #1550990)
    • Fix symbolic icons for GtkExpander.
    • Fix Transmission progress bars. (LP: #1624565)
    • Fix Indicator Applet on transparent panels. (LP: #1598159)
  • Upgraded to Ubuntu MATE Welcome 16.10.10
    • Correct description for Adobe Flash. (LP: #1630266)
    • Add keyboard navigation support. (LP: #1616203)
    • Fix Getting Started sections not re-closing. (LP: #1626909)
    • Fix broken images in bulk queue. (LP: #1626896)
    • Fix notifications for bulk queue operations. (LP: #1626899)
    • Fix “Upgrade Installed Packages” button. (LP: #1626907)
    • Fix inoperable introduction links.
    • Fix Getting Started hints not appearing.
    • Hide “open at login” checkbox for live and guest sessions.
    • Remove ocenaudio. (LP: #1613410)
    • Remove duplicate navigation buttons.
    • Many other minor fixes and refinements.
  • Upgraded to MATE Dock Applet 0.75
    • Application actions now have their own popup window, which can be disabled if required.
    • Window list now appears in response to a click on an application icon when it has more than one window open.
    • Action lists and window list colours now match the panel.
    • Optional Compiz integration, to provide previews of an applications open windows.
    • Bug fixes.
  • Many other bug fixes including:
    • Fixed booting PowerPC iso on PowerMac G5 7,3. (LP: #1626332)
    • Fixed LightDM Guest Session warning dialog. (LP: #1627395)
    • Fixed Display Preferences not working. (LP: #1628209)
    • Fixed changing the size of the MATE Terminal. (LP: #1615443)
    • Removed colour customisations (not supported in GTK3+) from Appearence Preferences. (LP: #1626960)
    • Removed background support (not supported in GTK3+) from Caja. (LP: #1628180)
For more details, see release announcement published in projects website.

Download Ubuntu MATE 16.10

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