Ubuntu MATE 16.10 is a solid release - Review

The cmscritic website has posted a review of recently released Ubuntu MATE 16.10, an official Ubuntu community flavor featuring rock solid MATE Desktop. In this review, different aspects of the operating system has been examined and reviewer reaches in a conclusion that, Ubuntu MATE 16.10 is a solid GNU/Linux distribution.

The Ubuntu MATE community has made significant improvement over the releases, and their work on Ubuntu MATE welcome and other components deserves appreciation. The major attraction in this release is MATE Desktop itself, which can be configured to any  extend to match with users requirements.

Despite of some odd errors, for example error occured during panel switch, Ubuntu MATE 16.10 is a solid distribution which is worth for trying if you are looking for a rock solid desktop experience. However, considering the fact Ubuntu 16.10 - core and community flavors - are short term releases and will be supported for only 9 months, it is not reccomened to update to this release if you are already using 16.04 release and not crazy to explore new features and updated packages.

With the recent release of 16.10, I decided to do an Ubuntu 16.10 MATE Review and take a look at the changes from a user perspective to see how well it performs. I'll also be investigating whether it's a worthy upgrade, keeping in mind of course that the end of life for this (and other Ubuntu 16.10 variants) is 9 months, so it's certainly not something you'd want to move to if you are looking for a long term support release. In those instances, stick with the 16.04 or 14.04 releases.

Ubuntu MATE does the desktop justice in my mind; it's well laid out, easy to use and feels very usable. They also, in my mind, have nailed the new user experience with the excellent and well constructed Welcome app which launches at first boot. I'm going to quickly delve into the Welcome app for a moment because even though it's not exclusive to the 16.10 release, if you aren't familiar with Ubuntu MATE and are reading this, you may find this interesting.
You can read complete review in csmcritic website.

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