Ubuntu based budgie remix 16.10 released with budgie desktop 10.2.7

The budgie remix team has unveiled budgie remix 16.10, first stable release of project that is closely aligned with Ubuntu release guide lines. This release ships several bug fixes, improvements and optimizations based on teams experience with previously released Ubuntu 16.04.1 and subsequent development releases.

To make this release a reality, the project has successfully submitted most of its packages into either Ubuntu or Debian repositories instead of providing a 3rd party repository. Also, the team has published alpha and beta development releases, in sync with upstream development releases. This fulfills the major criteria to be an official community flavor of Ubuntu. If everything goes as per plan, budgie remix will get official status soon and possibly next stable release will be Ubuntu Budgie 17.04.

CREDIT : budgie-remix team
Budgie Remix 16.10, being an Ubuntu 16.10 based distributions comes with GNOME 3.20.x components and some of the Apps like GNOME Videos are from latest stable series, ie, 3.22.x. This ensures that users will be having a stable experience with GNOME 3.20.x stack and latest improvements in 3.22.x Apps.

Budgie Remix 16.10 is a result of almost 6 months of development, bug fixing and optimizations effort of team. This release includes a beautiful set of wallpapers chosen by organizing a community wallpaper contest. It also includes much improved version of budgie-welcome, first most App developed by team that introduces the OS to end users and also provide easy options for non-trivial tasks like restoring budgie panel, installing multimedia codecs and other miscellaneous packages, and to switch between Arc and Material look and feel. Also, this release introduces a new default icon set Pocillo, which is built over Moka icon theme.
Budgie Welcome App
Other notable highlights in budgie remix 16.10 can be summarized as follows:
  • Installation in any language – we ship with more language packs now which should mean a faster install time
  • Support for full disk encryption as well as home folder encryption
  • Latest budgie-desktop v10.2.7 with various enhancements and fixes thanks to our friends from Solus
  • Latest Linux kernel 4.8.x
  • A whole bunch of GTK+3.22 GNOME applications
  • Latest version of LibreOffice suite apps – Writer, Calc and Impress
  • 16.10 Community Contest wallpapers – simply gorgeous backgrounds from our contest winners
  • Updated budgie-welcome helping you make the most of your new installation.
  • Option to switch between Arc based desktop to a material design desktop..
  • Release of our new default icon-set, Pocillo
  • A complete revision of the  desktop based applications – have fun with GNOME maps, GNOME weather, Geary (email client as requested by our community), stylish dark-themed and GNOME look and feel Rhythmbox and many others.
You may also read release announcement published by the project. Also upgrade guide lines are available for upgrading your system from 16.04.x release cycle.

Download Budgie Remix 16.10

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