Maui 2 Blue Tang released, based on KDE Neon project

The Maui team has happily announced release of Maui Linux 2, new stable release of KDE Neon based project that offers latest KDE Plasma experience to all types of linux users. The Maui Linux is actually a continuation of Kubuntu based Netrunner project.

As the ultimate objective of KDE Neon project and any other derivatives of it, Maui 2 ships latest available version of Plasma, ie, Plasma 5.8.2, KDE Frameworks 5.27 and also Qt 5.7.0. Other updated packages in this release includes Linux Kernel 4.4, Firefox 49, Thunderbird 45 and other updated from Ubuntu 16.04 LTS release.

CREDIT : Maui Linux Blog
Maui Linux 2 with code name Blue Tang has following highlights:

  • New repositories : The Maui team has migrated all KDE Neon repositories to project's new infrastructures, which will help the project to control the updates from upstream project. Also, the users can decide whether they want to stick with KDE Plasma 5, or use latest updates from upstream project.
  • Moved Calamares Installer : The project has moved to Calamares, a system independent installation framework which will make installation process uniform across different GNU/Linux distributions and also, the project can make use of advanced features in this installation framework.
  • Driver Manager is back : After a while, the project is shipping driver manager again, which will ease installation of different proprietary driver packages.
For more details, you can see original release announcement published in project blog.

Download Maui Linux 2 Blue Tang (64 BIT)

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