Linux Lite 3.2 released, includes numerous improvements

The Linux Lite team has announced availability of Linux Lite 3.2 beta, development release for upcoming stable release of Ubuntu based lightweight, user friendly GNU/Linux distribution. This release ships numerous improvements, especially on user interface and experience level, over previous stable release, ie, v3.2.

Linux Lite 3.2 introduces a new small, yet significant widget called Linux Desktop Widget. This displays basic system details, along with update status. This is an optional widget and needs to enabled manually. It also displays messages in different colors to indicated update status of system. The other notable highlights includes updated grub which enables multi-booting, refined plymouth theme, improved system tray icons, terminal theme and updated help documents.

source : Linux Lite forum
The important highlights in Linux Lite 3.2 beta can be summarized as follows:
  • Lite Desktop Widget - An optional feature that displays basic system information, including Updates Status that reports the last time you installed Updates.
  • Updated grub - Linux Lite should now multi boot with other distros, whilst remaining easily distinguishable to Windows folks in a dual boot environment. I look forward to your feedback in regard to these changes.
  • Updated plymouth theme- Reduced strain for eyes and displays the eject message at the end of installation more clearly. 
  • Tray icons updated with better contrast.
  • Updated resource usage monitor to make things easily visible.
  • Updated terminal theme to provide better visibility.
  • Ships several updated packages like firefox 49.x, Thunderbird 45.3, VLC 2.2.2, GIMP 2.8.18, and whisker menu.
  • Includes all updates from Ubuntu 16.04.1.
For more information and screenshots, see release announcement published in Linux Lite forums.

Since Linux Lite 3.2 beta is a development release, there is no option to upgrade to this release or to upgrade from this release. The only purpose of this release to provide a testing image so that issues can be detected easily and the upcoming release can be made more stable.

Download Linux Lite 3.2 beta

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