GoboLinux 016 alpha released; first 64 bit release of project

The GoboLinux team has announced availability of GoboLinux 016 alpha, first preview of projects upcoming stable release. This is going to be first 64 bit release of project since it's beginning on 2002.

GoboLinux is a modular GNU/Linux distribution which approaches packages in an alternative way. Instead of having parts of a program thrown at /usr/bin, other parts at /etc and yet more parts thrown at /usr/share/something/or/another, each program gets its own directory tree, keeping them all neatly separated and allowing you to see everything that's installed in the system and which files belong to which programs in a simple and obvious way.

The main highlights of GoboLinux 016 release includes:
  • Runner, our filesystem virtualization tool that dynamically changes the processes' view of /System/Index based on the program's Dependencies file. With that tool, one does not need to worry about which version of a given dependency is currently linked (or activated) on /System/Index;
  • A minimalistic desktop based on the Awesome window manager;
  • A focus on the exploration of novel ideas. You may find this snapshot less packed with packages, but it should be more fun to run!
You can find release announcement in projects website.

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