Fedora 25 beta released with GNOME 3.22

The Fedora team has announced immediate availability of Fedora 25 beta, development image for upcoming stable Fedora release which is expected to arrive on November 25. This release includes Fedora workstation, server and atomic edition and also, other fedora spins and lab editions.

Fedora 25 workstation ships several updated packages including recently released GNOME 3.22 which makes Fedora more aligned with its goal of providing latest cutting edge packages and technologies. Also, Wayland will replace X11 in Fedora 25, though X11 will be provided as a failsafe mechanism. Other changes includes support for RUST languages, availability of different python versions, improved flatpak support, updated media writer application ..etc.

Fedora’s journey is not simply about updating one operating system with the latest and greatest packages. It’s also about innovation for the many different platforms represented in the Fedora Project: Workstation, Server, Atomic, and the various Spins. Coordinating the efforts across the many working groups is no small task, and serves as a testament to the talent and professionalism found within the Fedora community.
Some of the system wide changes, which will be available in different fedora variations are:
  • Docker updated to version 1.12
  • Support for weaker certificate authorities (i.e., 1024-bit) has been removed
  • Node.js updated to version 6.x
  • “Secondary architectures” now known as “alternate architectures”
  • Rust: Fedora 25 brings the support for the Rust programming language. Rust is a system programming language which runs blazingly fast, and prevents almost all crashes, segfaults, and data races.
  • Pythons: Alongside the “standard” Python versions included in Fedora 25 (3.5 and 2.7), Python programmers can now install Python 3.4, 3.3, and 2.6 from the repositories to help them run test suites on multiple Python versions, as well as on PyPy, PyPy3, and Jython, which were already there.
For more information on Fedora 25 beta release and highlights of each fedora edition, you can consult release announcement published on Fedora Magazine.

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