Debian based Netrunner Core 16.09 Avalon released

After almost one year of extended testing, the Netrunner team has announced release of Netrunenr Core 16.09 Avalon, projects new release built over Debian stable branch.

The Netrunner Core edition is the major operating system from Netrunner family and it ships latest KDE Plasma desktop, Qt framework and KDE Apps over stable debian release. Following this strategy, Netrunner Core 16.09 is based on Debian 8.x Jessy, current stable release of Debian and it ships Plasma 5.7.5, Frameworks 5.27, KDE Applications 16.04  and Qt 5.7.0.

CREDIT : Netrunner Website
Major highlights of Netrunner Core 16.09 can be summarized as:
  • Based on Debian Stable (Jessie 8)
  • Provides latest KDE packages of: Plasma 5.7.5 + Frameworks 5.27 + KDE Applications 16.04 + Qt 5.7.0
  • NoVNC pre-installed and actived (simply open a browser and type in “live-pc:5900″, username:live/pwd:live to access Netrunner Core from your browser)
  • Plasma Services KCM: Easy to activate/deactivate Core Plasma Services, like Kwallet, Akonadi or Baloo
  • Simple Menu: A new menu that resembles ChromeOS for fast browsing the available applications
  • A reduced selection of pre-installed CORE apps, including but not limited to Dolphin, Firefox, Gwenview, Synaptic, Update Manager. 
  • In addition to the x86_64 edition, Netrunner ships an ARM edition for the Odroid C1 Microcomputer.
You can read the release announcement in projects website.

Download Netrunner Core 16.09

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