Comparing memory usage of LXQt Desktop with LXDE, Xfce and others

It is often told that, Qt is a bloated framework and anything that make use of it will be bloated and will require considerable amount of memory. But a study conducted by LXDE/LXQt team shows this is not a valid statement and comparing to the benefits offered by Qt it does not consume much memory.

What is LXQt Desktop

LXQt is a lightweight and user friendly desktop environment built using Qt frameworks. The motive behind LXQt project is to provide a familiar user experience without consuming too much of the system resources. It is a new branch of LXDE, another lightweight desktop environment.

Memory comparison

A survey conducted by LXQt team claims that, the memory usage of LXQt desktop is less than all other desktop environments which provides similar or better user experience. It is almost comparable with memory usage of LXDE, with a lot of added features.

source : LXDE blog

You can find more details on this survey in  a blog post published in LXDE blog.

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