wattOS R10 released, now it is based on Ubuntu 16.04.1

The wattOS team has proudly announced release of wattOS R10, latest stable release of extreme light, less power consuming GNU/Linux distribution targeting low end and old computers. The wattOS R10 is based on Ubuntu 16.04.1, latest stable mile stone in 16.04.x series.

Current release of wattOS only provides LXDE edition which can support fairly old processors and requires 196 - 256 MB memory for installation and a minimum of 128 MB after installation. The other variation of wattOS, the microwatt edition will be released later.

Courtesy : wattOS wiki
The wattOS R10 release is based on recently released Ubuntu 16.04.1 and hence it provides updated packages like Linux Kernel 4.4.0-36, Firefox 48.0 and additionally it packs Lollypop music player 0.9.112, PCManFM 1.2.4, gThumb 3.4.3, Gufw 16.04.1 ..etc.

The major highlights of wattOS R10 can be summarized as follows:
  • Upgrade to newest LTS Ubuntu as base
  • All new versions and upgrades to programs mentioned above
  • Broader support for wireless and various hardware (added Dynamic Kernel Module Support and legacy broadcom support for wider wireless out of the box for live installs/testing)
  • Changed default music player to the excellent Lollypop music player that gives access to a wide variety of streaming stations
  • Added the Gufw to provide an easy to use GUI to configure firewall settings and secure your system
  • Changed graphics editing to gThumb to simplify photo editing
  • Removal of additional applications that may not be used often by many. (CD burning, native video player)
You may also read the release announcement published in wattOS website.

Download wattOS R10 LXDE 64 BIT

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