Ubuntu based budgie-remix 16.10 beta 2 released with refined look and feel

The budgie-remix team has announced availability of budgie-remix 16.10 beta 2, second and final beta release for upcoming budgie-remix 16.10. This  development release of budgie-remix ships numerous improvements over previous releases, which includes a much improved look and feel, set of beautiful wallpapers and many updated packages.

Credit : budgie-remix project

The budgie-remix operating system is an unofficial flavor of Ubuntu, which features the budgie desktop, a lightweight, modern desktop environment developed by solus project. The budgie-remix project is planning to be an official community flavor of ubuntu in near future. Towards this goal, the project has packed most of their packages into Debian and Ubuntu repository and remaining packages will be included in Debian/Ubuntu repositories in near future.

The budgie-remix 16.10 releases are based on Ubuntu 16.10  and hence it ships many updated packages like, Gtk 3.20.x, some applications like GNOME Videos are from GNOME 3.22 release. Also, the default themes are modified to support Gtk 3.22 application. This release of budgie-remix also ships a new icon pack named Pocillo, which blends nicely with the Arc theme.

The budgie-welcome, in house app developed by project to offer first start options, also ships several bug fixes and refinements like detecting live mode and launching installer correctly.

Another notable highlight of budgie-remix 16.10 is budgie desktop 10.2.7 which fixes numerous bugs and offers much consistent user experience. The major highlights of budgie-desktop 10.2.7 release can be summarized as:
  • A one-pixel line where the wallpaper would be visible when a program is maximized in multi-monitor setups has been resolved.
  • Budgie Menu gained a new option to let you open categories by rolling over them. This option is disabled by default, however one can enable it via the Roll-over mouse  option in the Budgie Menu applet settings.  Let us know your thoughts and if we should make this a default option.
  • Chrome apps should now be pinnable.
  • Fixed a crash in the workspaces applet for GTK 3.20.
  • Fixed the dreaded panel-applet-sort issue where sometimes one could see random sorting of the last couple applets on the panel.
  • End Session dialogs will now provide context-specific description and actions, such as Cancel and Logout on a Logout dialog.
  • Pin to Panel for items in the Icon Tasklist are now translatable.
  • Run Dialog will now quit after losing focus.
For more information on budgie-remix 16.10 beta 2, see release announcement published in projects website.

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