Solus released with GNOME 3.20.x components

Mr Joshua Strobl of Solus project has announced availability of Solus, a minor update ISO for Solus 1.2 release two months back. This release brings fixes for some critical bugs and ships numerous updated packages.

The existing users of Solus do not have to freshly install updated release, instead they can rely on regular system update methods to get all bug fixes and updated packages shipped in new minor release. The updated packages in this release mainly includes GNOME 3.20.x components, mesa 12, pulseaudio 9, GCC 6.1.0, glibc 2.24, and Linux Kernel 4.7.2.

In addition to numerous package updates, following are notable highlights of Solus
  • Battery icon refresh issues were solved
  • We resolved an issue where the keyboard layout would revert to the default guessed layout for the locale on login
  • We switched to gnome-screensaver for screen locking and power management
  • Issues using Solus and the installation media on some hardware configurations, such as NVIDIA Maxwell cards and Intel Skylake processors.
  • We solved an issue whereby the installer might hang scanning disks.
You can read the official release announcement for further information and to see a long list of updated packages.

Download Solus

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