Manjaro 16.08 Ellada released

Finally, the manjaro team has announced release of Manjaro 16.08 Ellada Final, latest stable release of Arch based, user friendly, rolling GNU/Linux distribution. This release comes after several preview releases and expected to be extremely stable.

Following the legacy of Manjaro distribution, this time also, official release includes Xfce and KDE flavors. These two flavors are using latest available packages from upstream projects and the team has done significant work to offer improved user experience. The Xfce edition is now using Vertex-Maia theme which makes it more aligned with Maia appearance of KDE edition.

Updated packages in Manjaro 16.08 includes Plasma 5.7.3, Firefox 48.0, Nvidia 367.44, LibreOffice 5.1.5, Systemd 231, Octopi 0.8.3 and Pacmac 4.1.3. Also, this release includes Calamares - a generic installation framework - version 2.4 which has following notable highlights.
  • added support for reusing an existing /home partition if detected in the /etc/fstab file of an already installed operating system
  • new netinstall module which offers a choice of packages to install
  • rewritten large portions of the locale module, with new locale and timezone autodetection functionality and smarter management of locale.conf values
  • added support for an already mounted loop filesystem as source for the unpackfs operation
  • improved handling of partition colors in the partitioning interfacewhen operating on logical partitions
  • fixed a user name validation issue which could in some specific situations cause a failed installation
  • improved defaults in several configuration files
  • improved bootloader deployment on EFI systems with an existing EFI system partition
  • countless other bug fixes
For more details, see release announcement published in projects website.

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