Final beta release is available for Ubuntu 16.10 and 6 community flavors

The Ubuntu team has proudly announced availability of Ubuntu 16.10 beta 2, second and final development beta release of upcoming stable Ubuntu 16.10 Yakety Yak. This release also includes Ubuntu cloud and server editions and also 6 other community flavors namely, Kubuntu, Ubuntu MATE, Lubuntu, Ubuntu Studio, Ubuntu GNOME and Ubuntu Kylin.

Following the tradition of ubuntu releases, this release also ships greatest and latest open source technologies to provide an easy to use, highly configurable and powerful computer operating system. The team was/is working hard to fix bugs in previous development releases and to integrate new features, so that users can be offered with top class experience.

Though beta releases are expected to be almost free from severe bugs, it is not recommended to use it in production servers. This development release can be seen as a feature freeze-release prior to Ubuntu 16.10 final, which is expected to be released on 13th October 2016. Meanwhile, you may experiment with release and report bugs in launchpad to support the project in it's cause to ship a reasonably stable operating system. Before reporting the bug, you may have to ensure that, your installation is completely updated and the bug is not fixed by recent updates.

The Ubuntu team is pleased to announce the final beta release of Ubuntu6.10 Desktop, Server, and Cloud products.

Codenamed "Yakkety Yak", 16.10 continues Ubuntu's proud traditionf integrating the latest and greatest open source technologies into aigh-quality, easy-to-use Linux distribution.  The team has been hard atork through this cycle, introducing new features and fixing bugs.

This beta release includes images from not only the Ubuntu Desktop,erver, and Cloud products, but also the Kubuntu, Lubuntu,buntu GNOME, Ubuntu Kylin, Ubuntu MATE, and Ubuntu Studiolavours.

The beta images are known to be reasonably free of showstopper CD buildr installer bugs, while representing a very recent snapshot of 16.10hat should be representative of the features intended to ship with theinal release expected on October 13th, 2016.
For more information, you can read release announcement published in Ubuntu mailing list.

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