Budgie desktop 10.2.7 released with numerous improvements

Mr Joshua Strobl, community manager of Solus project has announced availability of Budgie 10.2.7, latest and final release in Budgie 10.2.x series. This release of Budgie desktop comes with numerous improvements and bug fixes.

Budgie is a lightweight, user friendly desktop environment built to be compatible with GNOME 3.x stacks. Instead of implementing a complete desktop from scratch, budgie re-uses components from GNOME desktop and re-implements bulky and heavy components in GNOME. It is flagship desktop environment of Solus operating system. Though it is also work on other GNU/Linux platforms.

Source : Solus Blog
Significant highlights in Budgie 10.2.7 can be summarized as follows:
  • New and improved applets. This release introduces applets like keyboard switcher, raven toggle applet ..etc.
  • Consistent left click/right click actions and introduced popover messages for easy access to panel options.
  • Icon task list now lists icons in 1:1:1 ratio with auto resizing.
  • Keyboard layout indicator to switch languages and to see active layout.
  • Dedicated applet for launching raven
  • Budgie 10.2.7 introduces our new User Indicator. This indicator gives the user quick access to logout, lock, suspend (automatically locks the system too), restart and shutdown their system.
  • Budgie 10.2.7 more broadly tackles issues with inconsistent application iconography. You should now find that a multitude of games and common applications follow your icon theme.
  • On Screen Displays (typically just called OSDs) have landed in Budgie 10.2.7, for when you change brightness or volume levels.
  • Raven improvements
  • window manager improvements
  • Other fixes and improvements.
For more information and demo applets, see release announcement published in projects website.

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