Tor released with critical bug fixes

Keeping the commitment to provide a more secure way to use internet, the tor project has announced availability of Tor, latest bug fix release of tool to guide your internet traffic through dedicated servers to provide more anonymity and security while using internet and associated services.

The Tor release brings fix for an important bug associated with ReachableAddresses option in previous point release and also it replaces retiring bridge authority. The tor project strongly recommends this update for people who use ReachableAddress and all bridges.

Currently tor project does not provide binary packages for release. It is expected that binary packages will be available over the week. Those who are curious to use this feature can download source code from projects home page.

Following are some notable highlights of Tor release:
  • The "Tonga" bridge authority has been retired; the new bridge authority is "Bifroest". 
  • Only use the ReachableAddresses option to restrict the first hop in a path. In earlier versions of 0.2.8.x, it would apply to every hop in the path, with a possible degradation in anonymity for anyone using an uncommon ReachableAddress setting. Fixes bug 19973; bugfix on  
  • Update geoip and geoip6 to the August 2 2016 Maxmind GeoLite2 Country database. 
  • Remove an inappropriate "inline" in tortls.c that was causing warnings on older versions of GCC. Fixes bug 19903; bugfix on  
  • Avoid logging a NULL string pointer when loading fallback directory information. Fixes bug 19947; bugfix on and Report and patch by "rubiate".
You can find Tor release announcement in projects blog.

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