The Meizu Pro 5 - Ubuntu phone - best phone for linux enthusiasts : Review

Ubuntu - World's mostly widely used open source operating system is relatively a new player in emerging smart phone technology. It was a couple of years ago, Canonical announced their plan to concentrate on smart phone technology also. Since then, Canonical has unveiled a few phones featuring Ubuntu as core operating system. Similar to the Unity Desktop introduced by Canonical, these phones has also acquired mixed responses over the years.

Latest issue of distrowatch weekly(31st July 2016) features a detailed review of Meizu Pro 5 a smart phone featuring Ubuntu. This review covers different aspects like scopes, applications, calling and messaging quality, battery backup, ease of use, performance, device quality ..etc. Finally, reviewer concludes that Meizu Pro 5 with Ubuntu is best choice of phone for linux enthusiasts and it has excellent set of features with good quality. However, he remarks that, the phone may fail to satisfy non-linux people.

Prior to receiving the Ubuntu phone, I looked up a handful of reviews (six in total) and demonstration videos to see what other people thought of the Meizu Pro 5. All the reviews I read focused on four things: camera quality, interface performance, number of applications and battery life. None talked about how well the phone worked as a phone and I started to wonder if any of the reviewers had placed a call or used their device for texting. Few talked about how scopes compare to applications. This is one of the reasons I wanted to test the Ubuntu-powered phone for myself. I mostly use my phone for communication, and occasionally looking up information in a web browser. I'm not a heavy app user*; I have a desktop computer for applications and a phone for communications. Each Android phone I have used for calls, especially to businesses, has offered an unpleasant experience because the number pad rarely works properly. This makes it hard to navigate computer-run answering services. Half the time my Android devices have been unable to hang-up properly. My biggest issue with Android is it feels like an app platform rather than a communications tool. If Ubuntu could solve that problem, I would be willing to overlook a lot of other issues.
You can read complete review in distrowatch weekly.

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