Simplcity Linux 16.07 released

The Simplicity Linux team has announced release of Simplicity Linux 16.07, latest stable release of LXPuppy/Debian based GNU/Linux distributions that is dedicated to provide user friendly operating system targeting absolute newbies.

As usual Simplicity Linux 16.07 comes in different flavors. Mini and Desktop editions are based on LXPup and it features LXDE to offer lightweight user experience. Additionally Simplicity ships AntiX/Debian based distribution as an experiment. This release also features LXDE desktop and functionally it is more close to mini edition.

As mentioned earlier, you can test our most experimental version of Simplicity Linux to date, X 16.07. This version is still in the very early stages of development. It is based on the excellent AntiX, which in turn is Debian based. Whilst we still have a lot of love for Puppy Linux and all it’s derivatives, sometimes it’s hard to make certain packages work, especially newer packages. This is just the first test of whether or not we’re going to move to a Debian base for Simplicity, a version of Mini. For 16.10 we’re planning on building a Desktop edition. However at the moment, it is just a sneak peek at a direction Simplicity Linux may move towards in the future, and we’d love for our users to try it out and let us know what you think.
You can read original release announcement in Simplicity website.

Download Simplicity Linux 16.07

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