Second preview released for Manjaro 16.08 Ellada

The Manjaro team has announced availability of Manjaro 16.08 pre2, second developer preview of upcoming Manjaro release. This release is coming one week after first preview.

Manjaro 16.08 Pre2 comes with some updated set of packages including Plasma Desktop 5.7, Qt Framework 5.24 and KDE apps 16.04. The development team reveals, migrating to Plasma 5.7 required significant effort which was mostly caused by Gtk theming issues. Also there are some bug fixes available for Manjaro Settings Manager and Pacmac.

This release of Manjaro is shipped Calamares-v2.4 beta2 which comes with a plenty features as listed below.
  • Support for already mounted loop filesystems as source for the unpackfs operation (thanks to BlackPantherOS developer hmikihth)
  • Fixes in the machineid module to ensure randomness (thanks to Manjaro developer Philip Müller)
  • Improved support for LC_* variables in localecfg module (expect more of this next week)
  • Fixed an issue which used to scramble partition colors and detected operating system names when operating on logical partitions (please test this as it required substantial changes in the partition module)
  • Fixed a (rare) crash in the partition module
  • CI is back, so translations are much more current now
  • Support for reusing an existing /home partition if detected in the /etc/fstab file of an existing operating system
  • New netinstall module (by Luca Giambonini and Lisa Vitolo) which offers the user a choice of packages to install. (Not active on all editions)
  • A long standing and hard to debug issue with occasional unwanted resize operations being executed got fixed
  • A partitioning module configuration option for showing partition labels in the manual partitioning interface got added
  • support for NVME devices in fstab got improved
  • mke2fs and e2fsck handling, which fixes a multitude of random (but not very frequent) install failures got much improved
  • A type to search support in the keyboard module got implemented
  • A partitioning module configuration option for selecting the default filesystem type got added
  • End2End luks encryption
  • The usual assortment of minor warning and bug fixes.
Other notable highlights in this release includes Linux Kernel 4.6, VLC nighty build and some bug fixes for Mesa. You can see original release announcement in Manjaro Forums.

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