Salix Xfce 14.2RC1 is available now; brings fixes for all major bugs

The Salix team has announced availability of Salix Xfce 14.2 RC1 for testing. This is first release candidate of Slackware based GNU/Linux distribution that offers simplicity, speed and ease of use.

Salix Xfce 14.2 RC1 is coming almost two months after previous development release and the team has proudly revealed that, all major issues in previous beta release were addressed and rest of the issues can be fixed in a few days and a final release can be prepared within 10 days or so.

In addition to fixes for bugs found in previous beta release, Salix Xfce 14.2 RC1 also introduces some cool features like GUEFI a graphical boot manager for UEFI systems and gtkreposetup a graphical front end to configure installation mirrors. Also, the system installer is updated to support more languages and some unnecessary options have been removed from installer.

So, what's new compared to the last beta release? First of all, we have two new GUI system tools, both developed in-house. The first one, GUEFI, is a graphical boot manager for UEFI systems and therefore is only available on 64-bit installations using UEFI. You can use it to create/delete/edit/rearrange UEFI boot entries and I don't think there is any other distribution out there with anything similar. Then, we have gtkreposetup, which is the GTK counterpart to the console reposetup tool, and which you can use to select your preferred repository mirror.

The installer has been fully localized to several languages by now, thanks to our translators. So, this release can be installed using the installer in English (both US and GB), Dutch, German, Greek, Italian, Spanish (both Spain and Costa-Rica), Swedish and Ukraine. Other translations that were only partially complete were removed at this point, but of course will be included in future releases if they be completed.

There are some things that were also removed compared to the last beta. First of all, the autoinstall option is gone from the installer. I realized nobody was using it. In fact, it has been completely broken in the beta and nobody reported it. Also, lilosetup has been removed from the iso. This tool was written by a member that is not active anymore and has fallen back on updates. Since it is more crucial to the SalixLive releases, I expect it will receive some love before those are released...

For more information on this release, checkout release announcement published in Salix forums.

Download Salix Xfce 14.2 RC1

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