ROSA Desktop R8 released in 4 different flavors

The LLC NTC-IT ROSA, a Russian GNU/Linux company has announced release of ROSA Desktop R8, latest stable release of independently evolved GNU/Linux distribution which was initially started as a fork of Mandriva Linux. ROSA Desktop R8 is final release in 2014.01 series which will be supported for two years till end of development of ROSA 2016.01 series.

ROSA Desktop R8 comes with 4 different desktop environments. These four desktop environments are KDE Plasma 4, GNOME 3, MATE and also it ships KDE Plasma 5 as an experiment. KDE Plasma 4 edition is the main focus of the project.

The release comes with four desktop environments - the basic, proven and stylish KDE 4 , the original GNOME 3 , easy MATE and experimental Plasma 5 . R8 release is characterized by high stability, it will be supported by security updates for two years and is recommended to be installed on computers even inexperienced users .

The total for all desktop environments platform is based on kernel 4.1.25 with the ability to install proprietary drivers. Available as branches kernel 4.4 and 4.6.

Images of ROSA Desktop R8 contain configured and ready to use suite of applications for everyday home use - office suite, graphics editors, audio and video, archiver, torrent client, and a remote control program.
You can find more of this release on release announcement and release notes published in Russian language.

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