Newly released Qt Creator 4.1.0 featuers Flat light & Dark themes

The Qt project has announced release of Qt Creator 4.1.0, latest stable release of cross platform supported, full featured IDE (Integrated Development Environment) with Qt design and development tools.

Qt Creator 4.1.0 comes with a lot refinements and new features. These features includes new flat light and flat dark themes which are extension of flat theme introduced in Qt Creator 4.0. The code editor now offers better code completion and facilitate easy code correction. In addition to bug fixes on C++ static analysis, the Clang compiler is used to fix many other issues. Also, Qt Quick Designer and QML profiler tools have made crucial performance improvements.

The main highlights of Qt Creator 4.1.0 can be summarized as follows:
  • Flat Light and Flat Dark themes, complementing the Flat theme which was added in 4.0
  • Text Editors now behave much better with regards to automatically inserting and skipping characters.
  • Aside from fixing bugs in the code model and static analyzer integration, we also updated our binary packages to use Clang 3.8.1, which also fixes many issues, especially with MSVC.
  • Both Qt Quick Designer and QML Profiler received many performance improvements.
  • Many bugs were fixed for supporting CMake projects, and the workflow further improved.
For more information see release announcement published in Qt project blog.

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