New installation images are available for BlackArch Linux

The Black Arch team has released a new set of installation media with updated packages and more than 100 additional tools. Black Arch is an Arch based GNU/Linux distribution with more than 1500 tools that facilitate penetration testing and security assessments.

The latest images of Black Arch includes several updated packages like Linux Kernel 4.7 - which will provide extended hardware support, new version of installer, and other updated tools.

Today we released new BlackArch Linux ISOs. The new ISOs include over 1500 tools. For more details see the ChangeLog below.
Here's the ChangeLog :
  • include linux kernel 4.7.1
  • updated BlackArch Linux installer
  • added more than 100 new tools
  • updated all blackarch tools
  • updated all system packages
  • updated menu entries for window managers (awesome, fluxbox, openbox)
The Black Arch team has published a brief release announcement in their blog on availability of new images.

Download Black Arch Live ISO

Download Black Arch Netinstall ISO

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