Manjaro 16.08 pre 5 is available now

Continuing the development of upcoming Manjaro 16.08 stable release, Manjaro project has announced availability Manjaro 16.08 pre 5. Even though, a release candidate is expected as the project is approaching its dead line, developers has decided to provide another preview considering the need for a little more polish work.

This development release has reverted to Linux Kernel 4.4.x as some problems were discovered with Linux Kernel 4.6.x series which  was provided earlier. This release also includes updated packages like Plasma 5.7.3, Firefox 48.0, Nvidia 370.23, LibreOffice 5.1.5, Systemd 231, Octopi 0.8.3 and Pamac 4.1.1.

Following are some notable bug fixes made by developers after previous release:
  • Fixed an issue in the users module which could cause failed installs when entering and then deleting a name (validation kicks in correctly now).
  • Fixed Portage dependency management in the packages module (contribution by V3n3RiX).
  • Configuration defaults fixes (contribution by Philip Müller).
  • Internet connection status is now written into GlobalStorage so it’s available to all modules (the key is “hasInternet”).
  • Added support for GeoIP in the locale module, this relies on freegeoip which is open source, and can be used both as a service ( as well as self-hosted. Geolocation is used to pre-select the timezone (same as Ubiquity). While this feature only performs a single `HTTP GET` and sends no user data, it has potential privacy implications. We have enabled this feature by default on Manjaro. Maintainer may want to disable it. Simply comment the line in `locale.conf`.
For more information and discussions on this release, see release announcement and forum post.

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