Lumina Desktop 1.0.0 released

The Lumina Desktop team has announced release of Lumina Desktop 1.0.0, first stable release of lightweight, highly customizable desktop environment for Unix like systems. Lumina Desktop is flagship desktop environment for PC-BSD, however it can also work in other distributions sharing the same core.

The soul idea behind Lumina Desktop is to provide a simple, robust desktop environment that configured to match with everyones needs. It took almost for years to unveil first stable release of this project. The development team is constantly looking to improve this desktop environment in next phases of development.

Some key features of Lumina Desktop includes:
  • Completely customizable interface! Rather than having to learn how to use a new layout, change the desktop to suit you instead!
  • Simple shortcuts for any application! The “favorites” system makes it easy to find and launch applications at any time.
  • Extremely lightweight! Allows applications to utilize more of your system hardware and revitalizes older systems!
  • Multiple-monitor support! Each monitor is treated as an independent entity – making it great for presentation systems which use a temporary monitor or for workstations which utilize an array of monitors for various tasks.
  • Personalize the initial settings for users with a single configuration file!  
  • Easily ported to various operating systems (OS), with various optional features setup within a single source file for each OS. Already ported to several BSD distributions like TrueOS, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, DragonflyBSD, NetBSD and linux distributions like Debian, Gentoo, kFreeBSD, generic “Linux”
For more information on this stunning desktop environment, see release announcement published by project.

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