Illumos based OpenIndiana MATE 2016.08.16 released

Linux Kernel is core for most of the open source operating systems. But, open source is all about choice of user and it does not force users to Linux Kernel only. There is another open source kernel project which is known as Illumos.

The OpenIndiana project has announced availability of OpenIndiana MATE 2016.08.16, latest snapshot of Illumos based community driven operating system featuring MATE Desktop. This snapshot of OpenIndiana includes MATE 1.14, latest release of MATE Desktop environment.

We are pleased to announce that Mate 1.14 is available in OI now. To facilitate installing, we’ve created pkg:/mate_install meta-package. Unfortunately, when you have both Gnome 2 and Mate installed, both of them try to use the same applications, so you’ll have interesting time removing Gnome 2 applications from Mate and vice versa. Also we prepared one new image – OI_minimal, where we tried to strip down OI a bit. We would be glad if you to tested them. Thanks to Till Wegmüller, who made a lot to make Mate available on OI and to Ken Mays who helped him in his task. We want to know your opinion on Mate and install images. The current plan is to deliver minimal, GUI (Gnome2) and Mate images for the next OpenIndiana Hipster snapshot and later drop Gnome2 image.
To understand more on this release, you may checkout release announcement published in projects website.

Download OpenIndiana MATE 2016.08.16 Experimental

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