GhostBSD 10.3 RC1 is available now

The GhostBSD project has announced availability of GhostBSD 10.3 RC1 for testing. This development image of GhostBSD is available with MATE and Xfce desktop environments, for x86 and x64 architectures.

GhostBSD is a user friendly BSD distribution built over FreeBSD base. In addition to key features of FreeBSD, GhostBSD has a user friendly installer, hardware auto detection feature, automated network configuration and pre-installed desktop environments ..etc. GhostBSD mainly focuses on MATE and Xfce desktop environments.

GhostBSD 10.3 RC1 has got some bug fixes over previous releases, and also it includes some notable changes.
  • Slim is replacing GDM
  • ZFS disk encryption has been block and this feature should be available in GhostBSD 11.
  • Installer custom partition creation subjection
  • VirtalBox support get install in boot time if needed.
  • Full UEFI Support
  • Fixed installer issues with ZFS Mirror and zraid setup, custom partition problem, UEFI partition, /boot partition ..etc
  • Resolved 4k partition alignment issue
  • Corrected Network Manager long SSID name
  • Fixed Network Manager slowness to open the menu
  • Fixed Network Manager icon tray crash
For more information on this release, check release announcement published by GhostBSD team.

Download GhostBSD 10.3 RC1 Xfce

Download GhostBSD 10.3 RC1 MATE

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