FreeBSD 11.0-RC2 released with few more bug fixes

Continuing the development of FreeBSD 11.0 cycle, FreeBSD project has announced availability of FreeBSD 11.0-RC2, second release candidate in projects 11.0 series. People who are interested to test this distribution can get installer images and usb images from projects download server.

FreeBSD 11.0-RC2 provides a default user account with password freebsd for ssh access. This is to make things easier for testers without console access. Also the default password of root account is set to root and it is highly recommended to changes these passwords after accessing the system.

Second release candidate of FreeBSD 11.0 includes fixes for certain bugs discovered in  first release candidate. These bugs includes
  • Support for 'nat global' has been restored in ipfw(4).
  • A hang in vtnet(4) when max_virtqueue_pairs > VTNET_MAX_QUEUE_PAIR has been fixed.
  • Detection bridges that are not really HotPlug capable has been fixed.
  • Various clang fixes.
  • L2 caching for UDP over IPv6 has been disabled.
  • Various build fixes.
  • Various other fixes since RC1.
For more information on this development release, check release announcement published in mailing list and release notes.

Download FreeBSD 11.0-RC2

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