Fedora 25 is ready to feature wayland as default

Finally Fedora project has decided to use Wayland display manager by default in Fedora 25. Wayland is a new generation protocol for a compositor to talk with it's client, and also it denotes a C library implementation of protocol. It is supposed to be a simple replacement for current X display manager.

Fedora project is experimenting with Wayland for last few years. It used to ship both Wayland and X window manager in all recent releases with wayland being optional. Over the years wayland has become mature enough to replace X and Fedora project has decided to use it by default in upcoming fedora 25 which is expected to release on november 2016.

A ticket raised to use wayland by default can be read as:
Filing this on behalf of the Workstation WG. This feature was proposed for F24, and at the critical decision point, the Workstation WG elected to hold off for one more release to have Wayland more ready for being the default session. F24 was reverted to Xorg, and Rawhide stayed set with Wayland as default. However, the Change was not moved to F25 along with that decision, which was a process failure.

There are still some bugs that are important to solve. However, there is still time to work on them. And the legacy Xorg session option will not be removed, and will be clearly documented how to fallback in cases where users need it, such as a11y users. It is likely there will be additional bugs/issues to solve during F26 development and beyond, but it's unlikely we can get the level of exposure and testing desired without keeping Wayland as the default.

The WG would like FESCo to consider granting an exception that allows the WG to continue on with Wayland as the default, rather than reverting to Xorg as default for the F25 release.
This ticket was discussed in in FESCo meeting hold on 19th August 2016 and was approved to use wayland by default. The meeting has also decide to document all known issues and to provide X11 as a fall back option.

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