Elive 2.7.2 beta released with improved look and feel

The Elive team has announced availability of Elive 2.7.2 beta, latest development release of upcoming Elive project. Elive is a Debian based beautiful GNU/Linux distribution featuring highly customized Enlightenment Desktop environment. Elive is mainly targeting people who can appreciate it's core design principles.

Elive 2.7.2 beta is coming with a refined look and feel, which is contributed by new design principles and well crafted icon theme and other artworks. Spotify - Advanced Music Store - is configured to work on the fly. Other notable highlights includes bug fix that enable Thunar to open terminology as default terminal emulator, and customized GIMP which provides improved productivity.

There’s a big work in design, but not yet finished, about the designs, specially for the icon set of Elive, this includes things like default filetypes associated to icons and a really big rethinking about the intuitiveness of the widget icons, like the icon for delete things which none of the red icons similar to a warning or a stop signal are more intuitive than a small trash icon, the icons used for the dialogs like questions or warnings which we use a lot are also more intuitive to understand what they are for, the hard disk icon in your file manager looks much better now and the trash has even a recyclate state when its full. The icons in the menu of applications are also updated to better ones, your filemanager icon is more intuitive too, The eject button for your medias are much more visible and intuitive too, and a Big list not mentioned.
For more information on this development release of Elive, see release announcement published in projects website.

Download Elive 2.7.2 beta

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