blackPanther OS 16.1 (silent killer) released

The blackPanther OS team has unveiled blackPanther OS 16.1, latest stable release of Hungarian GNU/Linux distribution that tries to adopt best practices from other major GNU/Linux distribution. This release of blackPanther OS has a code name Silent Killer and has released one year after previous release, v14.1.

KDE Plasma is flagship desktop of blackPanther OS and the current release includes all latest stable versions of KDE Plasma and associated technologies. Also, KDE Discover is used as Software Center in this release.

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Following are some updated packages included in blackPanther OS 16.1.
  • Kernel 4.7.0
  • Qt5 5.6.1
  • Plasma + (components) 5.7.1/5.24.0/16.04.3
  • Python3 3.5.1
  • Calamares installer
Since blackPanther OS adopts best strategic decisions, current release is also small enough to fit in a CD(~700 MB).

You can find more screenshots and release announcement in official website of blackPanther OS.

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