Black Lab Linux 8 Beta 1 is available now

The Black Lab Linux project has informed availability of Black Lab Linux 8 Beta 1, latest development build of upcoming stable Black Lab 8 Onyx. This development release of Black Lab will be open for user collaboration and feedback for over 6 months.

Black Lab Linux is custom GNU/Linux distribution built over Debian and the goal of the project is to provide a stable, high performing operating system with enhanced multimedia capabilities to serve home users, enterprises and professional users alike.

In addition to commonly used desktop applications, Black Lab Linux 8 also ships cloud applications to enable out of the box web experience. In another words, it can be viewed as an operating system integrated with cloud experience.

Today the Black Lab Linux development team is pleased to announce the release of Black Lab Linux 8 “Onyx” Beta 1. Bringing us one step closer to our goal of a stable, secure, and long term supported Linux desktop for the masses. “Onyx” Beta 1 is a culmination of over 6 months of user collaboration and feedback. Considering popular demand, desktop applications like Abiword, Gnumeric, Rhythmbox, VLC, Gimp, Chromium Web Browser and web applications like Google Maps, Google Hangouts, Youtube, Google Photos, Outlook Web Access, Google Play Music, Spotify, Google Contacts, Google Translate are included in this release.

With all these innovations coupled with the most gorgeous Linux desktop on the planet, Black Lab Linux 8 “Onyx” Beta 1 continues its success as the leader of Linux desktop computing.
The Black Lab project has published a brief release announcement in official website.

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17 October 2016 at 04:13 delete

Wow, great news! I have previously downloaded this version of Linux, I love this operating system because of the fact that it is very convenient to program a custom desktop applications on it. Thanks a lot for posting!

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