Antergos - A decent distribution that worth a try : Review

The Arch Linux is well known as a cutting edge, rolling GNU/Linux distribution. It is a good choice for people who prefer to experiment with latest and greatest technologies. But, the biggest disadvantage of Arch Linux is it's KISS (Keep It Simple and Stupid) principle. Arch provides a base installation image which need to be installed using command line and the user has to configure each and every component their own. This makes Arch a distant dream for newbies.

There are some GNU/Linux distributions like Manjaro, Antergos, Apricity OS ..etc which tries to combine advantages of Arch with user friendly interface. These distributions offers user friendly installers and configuration tools which makes things much simpler.

Antergos (earlier Cinnarch) - an arch based GNU/Linux distribution that combines powerful features of Arch Linux with a user friendly installer, essential packages and multilingual support.

The everydaylinuxuser portal has published a review of latest installation media of Antergos and this review observes that Antergos is a decent distribution that is worth to try. However, he also remarks that, it is not better than Manjaro as later provides a more refined user experience.

Antergos is an Arch based distribution and for the average Joe I would ordinarily stay clear of Arch because it requires a certain dedication to keep your system running.
The way I like to think of it is that most of us drive cars. Some of us drive cars to get from A to B and others of us really drive cars. Some people know about engines and care about really intricate things that the rest of us don't care about. I'm thinking along the lines of "Pimp My Ride".
Not everybody is going to take their brand new Kia and add twin exhausts, a spoiler and an expensive sound system in the back. Some of us just need a way of getting the dog to the beach.
In that sense Linux is the same. Some people just want to browse the internet, watch videos, keep up to date with friends and write the odd letter. Arch isn't for these people.
However Antergos is branded as a user friendly operating system which just so happens to have an Arch underbelly and knowing how well Manjaro have achieved the same feat I decided it is definitely worth giving Antergos a go.
You can read complete review in everydaylinuxuser's portal.

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