Untangle NG Firewall 12.1 released

The Untangle Inc. announced release of Untangle NG firewall 12.1, latest stable release of award winning firewall software built on top of Debian. This version of Untangle firewall comes with several refinements and improved features.

NG Firewall delivers a comprehensive solution for small-to-medium businesses, schools, governmental organizations and nonprofits that require enterprise-grade perimeter security with the flexibility of a convergent Unified Threat Management (UTM) device. Untangle’s industry-leading approach to network traffic visibility and policy management gives its customers deep insight into what’s happening on their network via its database-driven reporting engine and 360° dashboard.
Some of the notable changes in latest release Untangle firewall includes:
  • Enhanced user interface
  • New geo-location capabilities for all traffic which will enable network administrators to quickly triangulate where a threat is originating and create an appropriate policy response.
  • Event-based Reporting. Event lists are now a type of Report entry. Network administrators can more easily create custom event list reports, allowing them to keep tabs on specific users, domains, sites, policies and more.
  • Performance. NG Firewall now performs a “dynamic bypass” function for UDP such that if all layer-7 applications “release” interest in the session, the data will be passed at layer 3, greatly boosting performance.
  • SSL Certificate Management. Management of client SSL certificates required for SSL Inspector has been further streamlined.
  • Google & Facebook Authentication. NG Firewall’s Directory Connector application now offers experimental support for authenticating users against their Google or Facebook accounts. This provides a flexible alternative for simplifying Captive Portal deployments.
More information on Untangle NG Firewall 12.1 can be read in press release published by team.

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