Ubuntu 16.04.1 is available now

Ubuntu 16.04.1, first point release in Ubuntu 16.04 LTS series is available now for download. This release fixes several bugs reported in previously released Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and is considered as actual stable LTS release.

In addition to bug fixes, Ubuntu 16.04.1 also includes updates packages since after release of first distribution in 16.04 series and people who install this image right now wont have to download hundreds of mega bytes of updates.

Following are some highlights of Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS release:
  • Upload 1.2.12 micro-release to Xenial
  • backport upstream fix to make hybrid disk work again, should resolve some disks like video DVDs not showing in the desktop interface
  • Modifications due to possible file conflicts which were identified through Debian bug reports
  • Fix launching various KDE4 applications in GNOME
  • Make the app folder dialog work again in GNOME Software
  • Remove broken symlink of xdg-app-reviews plugin and disable redundant notifications in GNOME Software
  • Include audio-speakers in the non-full theme, it's used by unity-control-center to represent bluetooth speakers in Adwaita Icon theme
  • Enable Snappy backend in GNOME Software
  • Fallback to volume name if no other identifier is available in Unity
  • Do not trigger screensaver on session inactive in Unity
  • Filter out full screen window in show desktop mode in Unity
See an extensive list of bug fixes and enhancement in Xenial Xerus release notes.

Download Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS
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