The Only Office productivity suite gets a new release

The Only Office solution has announced availability of a new release of Only Office productivity suite. Only Office is a free and open source, cloud based productivity suite. Only Office includes all kind of applications expected from an office productivity suite including word processor, spread sheet, calender app, project manager ..etc.

Ascensio System SIA has updated its open source full-fledged office and productivity suite that comes with web-based documents editors allowing to co-edit text, spreadsheets and presentations in real time integrated with Mail, Projects, Calendar, CRM, and corporate social network (blogs, forums, news, wiki, etc.).

The ONLYOFFICE new version offers the updated version of document editors (Document Server) with:
  • two co-editing modes: fast real-time co-editing like in Google Docs and strict when the changes appear after saving,
  • commenting and integrated chat,
  • reviewing and tracking changes,
  • version history,
  • text art,
  • named ranges,
  • adding, removing and modifying the available styles.
Moreover, the ONLYOFFICE developers have updated the set of productivity tools (Community Server) adding:
  • mail and calendar integration,
  • address book,
  • mail auto-reply,
  • granting the review access rights to the document.
The source code of this project is available on GitHub, delivered under AGPLv3 license. For more information on latest release, see release announcement published in Only Office website.

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