Solus project withdraws release schedule of Solus 1.2.1

Brining an end to uncertainties, Solus project has officially informed that they are withdrawing release plan for Solus 1.2.1 which was expected to release last week. This was following the decision of project to switch to a rolling release model. The decision of Solus to switch to a rolling release model also invalidates plan for all future releases.

An official announcement published by Solus project regarding change of plans also highlight following points:
  • There is no longer a concept of separate major releases. You will always run on the current “distribution version”.
  • Support, therefore, does not end for the current, and only, series. Note however you are still expected to update your system. We’ll introduce some changes to make this simper to manage, of course.
  • There is no longer a concept of “1.3”, “2.0”, etc. Future ISOs will follow the internal versioning system
  • Future ISOs will land both features and package refreshes. Whilst you can always configure your installed Solus to match that of the ISO, through package selection, installer features are only ever available in reinstalls (This is the only time you ever see the installer)
  • The internal versioning system at present is based on the concept of major releases, so it will therefore be dropped. For example, the 1.2 release is internally referred to as: 1.201629.7.0. At minimum, we’ll drop the major version, and use this scheme in future ISO updates.
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