Solus 2.0 will drop eopkg in favor of sol

Solus 2.0, upcoming stable major release of independently evolved GNU/Linux distribution, will drop support for eopkg - the unique package manager of project, which was initially forked from PiSi package manager. Instead of eokpg, Solus will ship another package manager which will be completely written in C, known by the name Sol. This update was shared in weekly news letter of Solus project.

The newly proposed package manager, sol, will be more optimized by taking advantages of modern laptop CPUs and this will act as a core of Solus 2.0. This package manager will also help Solus to have lighter disk usage profile.

Also, the project is planning to rewrite budgie core completely in C, instead of using combination of C and Vala, which will help budgie to be more close to underlying hardware and provide improved performance. At the same time applet developers can continue to use C, Vala or Python to write applets, and budgie desktop can provide better integration for these applets with improved performance.

Last week, Solus team has also organized a hackfest, targeting to implement goals of upcoming minor release Solus 1.2.1, and following are achievements of this hackfest.
For more details, and videos of Solus hackfest 1.2.1, see blog post published by Solus project.

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