Point Linux 3.2 - Simply stable & productive : Review

Point Linux is a Debian based, desktop oriented GNU/Linux distribution that offers traditional user experience with MATE desktop environment. It is based on stable branch of Debian. Even though MATE is primary desktop environment offered by Point Linux, it also offers an Xfce variation.

Point Linux is nothing much more than Debian combined with MATE. However, being a desktop oriented operating system, it comes with some extra optimizations and tweaks to improve productivity. This includes default sudo user, extended hardware support and localization of applications during installation.

Latest issue of distrowatch weekly(24/07/2016) has published a review of Point Linux 3.2, latest stable release of Point Linux. This review observes that Point Linux is much professional comparing to many other distributions, is extremely stable, simple and easy to customize.

I do not want to make Point Linux into something that it is not. It is Debian with MATE (or Xfce) and not much more. The full featured desktop includes Firefox, Thunderbird, LibreOffice, Pidgin, Remmina, Brasero, VLC, Transmission, non-free multimedia codecs and hardware drivers. The desktop with core components ships with free multimedia codecs and drivers only. The beauty of Linux, and Debian, is that I can usually make it into anything I want to. Debian can have a few more difficulties than Ubuntu when attempting to add software and find things, but that is because the developers at Debian maintain stability is the most important feature. All of this means that I could have done whatever I wanted to Point Linux to make it into a distro that matches my liking a little more, but then it would no longer be Point Linux at its core. I have a tendency to change a distro so much that it may as well be my own, and I think many Linux users probably do the same. With that being said, I aim to review Point Linux, not some monstrosity Franken-Linux that is of my own creation.
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