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LXLE 16.04 Beta 64bit is ready for testing
07/08/2016 09:02 AM

The LXLE developers announced availability of LXLE 16.04 beta images for testing. Currently testing images are only available for 64 bit architectures. LXLE is a Lubuntu LTS based GNU/Linux distribution that can revive old computers and netbooks with low resources. LXLE 14.04 screenshot At the moment only the 64bit is ready for testing, minor issues are delaying the 32bit, however it

Solus 2.0 will drop eopkg in favor of sol
07/07/2016 09:45 AM

Solus 2.0, upcoming stable major release of independently evolved GNU/Linux distribution, will drop support for eopkg - the unique package manager of project, which was initially forked from PiSi package manager. Instead of eokpg, Solus will ship another package manager which will be completely written in C, known by the name Sol. This update was shared in weekly news letter of Solus project.

Fedora 24 is not a newbie friendly release and does n't try to be : Review
07/05/2016 11:18 AM

Latest issue of distrowatch weekly(4th July 2016) features a review of recently released Fedora 24, latest stable release of cutting edge GNU/Linux distribution sponsored by Red Hat Inc. The review observes that Fedora 24 is not a beginner friendly GNU/Linux distribution and it is not meant to be. While another review published by Linux Insider has pointed that Fedora 24 is redefining boundaries

Vector Linux 7.2 beta released
07/03/2016 10:28 PM

The Vector Linux team announced availability of Vector Linux 7.2 beta, first development release prior to release of upcoming Slackware based GNU/Linux distribution that focus on three core values speed, performance and stability. Vectorlinux is proud to announce the first beta release of the 7.2 version of its standard and light versions. The release features light a minimal desktop

Debian Edu 8+edu0 released; Official Debian spin for schools
07/03/2016 10:43 AM

The Debian project has unveiled Debian Edu 8+edu0, an official release of Debian project for school labs and network systems. Debian Edu (aka Skolelinux) facilitate to administer computer labs or complete networks in school. It is a single operating system that can work on servers, workstations and laptops together. This will allow people with significantly less technical experience to roll out

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