Manjaro 16.08 Preview 1 is available now

The Manjaro team has announced availability of Manjaro 16.08 Preview 1, first development image prior to release of next stable Manjaro release. This release will be known by the code name Ellada.

Manjaro 16.08 Preview 1 comes with all updated packages till date, more improvements and bug fixes.
Our KDE edition gained Plasma 5.7, Framework 5.24 and Apps 16.04. We struggled much with QT 5.7, which changed the handling of GTK theming, however this we were able to solve more or less. Our Manjaro Settings Manager gained some apperance fixes for low resolutions and updated translations. Within Pamac we fixed some smaller issues, updated drivers, kernels and regular packages.

Another notable highlight of Manjaro 16.08 development release is introduction of Clamares installer v2.3 which comes with support for end-to-end lucks encryption and other fixes.
  • A long standing and hard to debug issue with occasional unwanted resize operations being executed got fixed
  • A partitioning module configuration option for showing partition labels in the manual partitioning interface got added
  • support for NVME devices in fstab got improved
  • mke2fs and e2fsck handling, which fixes a multitude of random (but not very frequent) install failures got much improved
  • A type to search support in the keyboard module got implemented
  • A partitioning module configuration option for selecting the default filesystem type got added
  • Countless other bug fixes
For further details and discussions on this release, see release announcement published in Manjaro blog and forum.

Download Manjaro 16.08 Preview 1
KDE - 64 BIT | 32 BIT
Xfce - 64 BIT | 32 BIT

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