LXLE 16.04 Beta 64bit is ready for testing

The LXLE developers announced availability of LXLE 16.04 beta images for testing. Currently testing images are only available for 64 bit architectures. LXLE is a Lubuntu LTS based GNU/Linux distribution that can revive old computers and netbooks with low resources.

LXLE 14.04 screenshot
At the moment only the 64bit is ready for testing, minor issues are delaying the 32bit, however it should be available soon. A few changes were required this release to keep and stay consistent/coherent with the rest of the OS. A number of MATE apps have replaced Gnome apps in this manner. A few Mint apps also make an appearance to facilitate common task easily. LXLE went on a diet in general shaving a couple hundred megabytes off the download by streamlining applications and services by default. While supplying more user features than ever, system resource usage remains very low allowing the OS to run comfortably on any PC produced in the past decade.
Original release announcement of LXLE 16.04 beta is published projects forum.

Download LXLE 16.04 beta

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