Lubuntu 16.10 Yakkety Yak Alpha 1 released

The Lubuntu community has announced availability of Lubuntu 16.10 Alpha 1, first most development release of upcoming stable release of official Ubuntu community distribution featuring lightweight LXDE Desktop.

Being a development release, Lubuntu gives usual warning to not use in production environments. Also, there is one known bug that makes problem while creating XFS or BTRFS partition using desktop installer.

Other highlights of Lubuntu 16.10 alpha 1 development includes:
  • LXQt project still under development and is not stable enough to use in reputed distribution like Lubuntu. So keeping the tradition, Lubuntu 16.10 continues to use LXDE.
  • Linux Kernel 4.4 is shipped with Alpha 1 release
  • Desktop installer can not create XFS or BTRFS partitions. A possible work around is to install btrfs-progs packages before running desktop installer.
For more information on this release, check release news and release notes published by community.

Download Lubuntu 16.10 Alpha 1

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