KaOS 2016.07 is available with updated packages

The KaOS team has announced availability of KaOS 2016.07, latest stable build of independently evolved, rolling GNU/Linux distribution that offers a straight forward KDE experience out of the box.

Being a rolling distribution, KaOS has no need to provide ISO in regular basis. However, the policy of KaOS project is to deliver a new stable ISO, when package updates exceeds certain limit. This will help new users to not deal with time consuming update process. Following the same policy, KaOS delivers a new ISO, as almost 80-90% of packages have got updates and almost all packages are rebuilt against GCC 5.

The Plasma Desktop includes Frameworks 5.24.0, Plasma 5.7.2, KDE. Changes in Plasma 5.7 include improved workflows, the return of the agenda view in the calendar, the Volume Control applet gained the ability to control volume on a per-application basis & allows you to move application output between devices using drag & drop, new System Tray & Task Manager, plus huge steps towards a Wayland-based windowing system

With the move to the Linux kernel 4.6, it is now possible to fully automate the Early Microcode update. This new kernel has all needed ucode build-in, thanks to commits like these. For users, this means no need to install any ucode package, no need to adjust bootloaders or have an extra initrd just for Microcode loading. Many modern CPUs require loading microcode before everything else, as the update causes system instability otherwise.
For more information on this release of KaOS, checkout release announcement and release notes published by project.

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