How to install Budgie Desktop 10.2.6 in Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

Budgie is an independently developed, lightweight, full featured desktop environment developed by Solus project. Even though it is developed from scratch, it make use of GNOME 3 components in some extend to avoid reinventing wheel. However, it avoids all bulkiness of GNOME and brings best experience to the user.

This article is written for people who prefer to test budgie desktop on their existing Ubuntu installation. If you are planning to be a serious budgie user, then it is highly recommended to use budgie-remix - an unofficial flavor of Ubuntu featuring budgie desktop. The budgie-remix project is expected to be an official community flavor of Ubuntu in near future. With budgie-remix you can get more support from it's maintainers.

budgie desktop in budgie-remix 16.04

At the time of writing this tutorial, budgie-desktop is not a part of official Ubuntu repository. So you need to add a third party repository maintained by budgie-remix developers.

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:budgie-remix/ppa
Then update package list as usual using apt command.
$ sudo apt update
One you are done with package update, it is time to install budgie desktop.
$ sudo apt install budgie-desktop
Done!!. You are done with installation of budgie desktop. Now reboot your system or restart display manager to introduce budgie desktop entry in desktop environment list.When you login next time, choose budgie desktop from the list of desktop environment and proceed.

Yes. You have successfully installed an logged into budgie desktop session. In case of any issues with installation of budgie desktop, please get back to us on comments.

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