How to install Budgie Desktop 10.2.6 in Fedora 22/23

It was last day, solus developer Ikey announced release of Budgie Desktop 10.2.6, latest stable release of elegant, compact and user friendly desktop environment built to be compatible with GNOME 3.x. Even though Budgie is flag ship desktop environment of Solus, it can work in other mjaro distributions as well.

Budgie Desktop in Solus 1.2

This tutorial will list the steps to be followed for installing budgie desktop 10.2.6 in Fedora 22 and Fedora 23. If you have already installed Budgie Desktop in your system, you can use regular system update command to get budgie desktop 10.2.6. Otherwise, please follow this tutorial.

Budgie Desktop 10.2.6 was successfully built on Fedora 22 and Fedora 23 but not on Fedora 24. If you are using Fedora 24, please continue on your own risk.

STEP 1 : Grab Repository
Prior to installing any package which is not available in official Fedora repositories, we need to add corresponding repositories. So, first step before installing budgie desktop is to configure budgie repositories. Separate repositories are available for Fedora 22 and Fedora 23.
Open terminal and execute following command to grab repository.

#Fedora 22
$ wget -o solus-project.repo

#Fedora 23
$ wget -o solus-project.repo

Now we have to move the repository file that we just downloaded, to repos directory. Since it belongs to root, we need super user permission for doing this task.
$ sudo mv *solus-project.repo /etc/yum.repos.d/

STEP 2 : Install Budgie Desktop
Thus we've successfully added Budgie Desktop repository. Now, next step is to install budgie-desktop packages using dnf command.
$sudo dnf install budgie-desktop

STEP 3 : Logout session and Login to Budgie session
Now we're done with installation Budgie Desktop. Now logout your current session. When you login next time, choose Budgie Desktop from desktop environment menu. If it is missing try restarting your display manager(gdm/kdm/mdm..etc) or restarting your computer.

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