Fedora 24 is not a newbie friendly release and does n't try to be : Review

Latest issue of distrowatch weekly(4th July 2016) features a review of recently released Fedora 24, latest stable release of cutting edge GNU/Linux distribution sponsored by Red Hat Inc. The review observes that Fedora 24 is not a beginner friendly GNU/Linux distribution and it is not meant to be. While another review published by Linux Insider has pointed that Fedora 24 is redefining boundaries of GNU/Linux.

It is not that easy to get some things done in Fedora 24, if you are not a regular IT guy. It may take a lot of time to do some simple things which will just take a few mouse clicks in any normal user friendly distribution. However, Fedora 24 is for people who use GNU/Linux for work and are comfortable in doing things their own. It offers more amount of learning. The reviewer remarks that these problems are caused because, Fedora 24 workstation is managed by people who work on server operating systems.

My friend had hit the nail on the head. Fedora isn't a distro for people who need to get work done, unless that work happens to involve IT. Nor is it necessarily for gamers who need a highly configurable operating system optimized for resource intensive games. Fedora 24, and I presume previous versions of the distro, is first and foremost for developers and admin types who spend their days keeping RHEL and CentOS servers up and running. It's a system by developers for developers, a conclusion you may argue with if you wish.

This isn't its reputation, however -- at least, not completely. In the forums, users write that they like it because it's a cutting edge distro with the most up to date software and with a commitment to software freedom, certainly not a distro for newbies, but great for those who want to be on the cutting edge.  
Read complete review published in distrowatch portal to get a better insight of Fedora 24.

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