Fedora 22 reached end of life

Keeping the tradition of Fedora releases, Fedora 22 has reached it's end of life by 19th July of 2016. That means, Fedora 22 will be no more maintained and users won't receive any updates for this distribution.

Normal life time of a Fedora distribution is almost 13 months. It is not a well defined period, sometimes it may be slightly less or sometimes it may be slightly more. As per convention, a Fedora distribution will get support until one month  after release of second following distribution. Watching things in the same perspective, Fedora 24 was released last month, and after almost one month Fedora 22 has reached end of it's life time.

As of July 19, 2016, Fedora 22 has reached its end of life for updates and support. No more updates, not even security fixes, will be provided for Fedora 22. Fedora 23 will be maintained with updated packages until approximately one month after the release of Fedora 25.

Upgrading to Fedora 23 or Fedora 24 is highly recommended for all users still running Fedora 22. For more information on upgrading Fedora, check out the DNF System Upgrade page on the Fedora Project wiki.
Read official blog post on end of life period of Fedora 22 on Fedora Magazine.

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