elementary OS 0.4 Loki beta 2 released

The elementary team has announced availability of elementary OS 0.4 beta 2, second development release of upcoming stable elementary OS v0.4. It is almost one month after release of previous development release, and within this short span of time, elementary developers has fixed over 70 bugs which makes this release more stable.

The elementary OS is an Ubuntu LTS based GNU/Linux distribution that offers a smooth user experience with it's own desktop environment called Pantheon. It provides more familiar user experience and is a good choice for linux newbies.

People who have already installed beta 1 release of elementary can upgrade to this release, just by running system update utility. Following are some notable changes made in this release.
  • Preview window on Video’s navigation bar make HD videos lag/freeze
  • No window decorations in the installer
  • After Updating, the Update button still appears beside updated apps
  • incorrect position of date & time in the greeter
  • Switch for Disable animations in Universal Access settings
  • Panel does not reposition on primary screen changes
For additional information on elementary 0.4 beta 2, continue reading release announcement in elementary blog.

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